Recent Books — Beat The Reaper, Narrow Dog to Carcassone, The Little Book, Never Tell A Lie

* “Beat The Reaper”:amazon by Josh Bazell. Quite the thrill ride. The hero survives an incredible life intertwined with criminality to uncover and revenge the mysteries in his life. The final confrontation is original but nearly unreadable due to gruesomeness.
* “Narrow Dog to Carcassone”:amazon by Terry Darlington. Humorous retelling of the author, wife, and dog’s trips through the canals and rivers of Britain and Europe. A trifle long but a fun read.
* “The Little Book”:amazon by Selden Edwards. A very orignal tale of time travel, love, psychology, family. More about 1897 Vienna than you ever thought you wanted to know. Very well thought out.
* “Never Tell a Lie”:amazon by Hallie Ephron. Eh. Compared to the other tales in this list, pretty pale. The entire story is telegraphed in the first 5 pages and nothing shocking really happens. It is not a bad thriller but nothing that interesting here.