Marion Ohio — the highlights

  • OHS – Places – Harding Home. Contains almost all the original furnishings of Harding.
  • Harding Tomb — tho we always called it the Harding Memorial. When I was very very young I was skinny enough to slip thru the bars.
  • Other Marion Museums — the Stengel-True Museum, Unuion Station, the Wyandot Popcorn Museum. Wyandot historically produced much of the popping corn in the country…
  • Hence the annual Popcorn Festival
  • The Palace Theatre, a shockingly nice theatre for this size town. Built during Marion’s heydays in the 1920s…
  • Unfortunately there is nothing much to see from Marion’s industrial boom days, but from Wikipedia: “Products of the Marion Steam Shovel Company (later Marion Power Shovel) built the Panama Canal and in the 1960s, NASA contracted with Power Shovel to construct the crawler-transporters that moved the assembled Saturn V rockets, used by Project Apollo, to the launch pad. In 1911, 80% of the nation’s steam shovel and heavy duty earth moving equipment was manufactured in Marion, Ohio.” I worked 3 summers for the Shovel.
  • Nearby towns — Waldo (Home of the G&R, famous for fried balogna sandwiches), LaRue (smallest town ever to have an NFL franchise)