College Football Polls – 120, BCS and AP Top 25

College Football Polls – 120, BCS and AP Top 25. Wow the polls this week are a total hash. I’m starting to believe we need a playoff. No problem with the top 3 in some order. But SC #4 in the coaches ahead of Oklahoma? SC did not look that good Saturday. And Texas Tech has beaten exactly no one and rises to 5? Oklahoma State beats a vastly overrated Missouri and climbs 7 spots? There are going to be a lot of changes going forward. Texas plays Missouri, Ok State, and Texas Tech in the next 3 weeks, and Texas Tech and Ok State match up, so this mess will all get straightened out. My bet is Texas wins all those and stays near the top, and Oklahoma rises back up near the top. No real problem with the Buckeyes at 11, they need to demonstrate that they are a complete team and have yet to do that.