Recent books — Bonk, Weber, Dauntless, Travel

* “Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex”:amazon by Mary Roach. Moments of interesting info but a lot of tedium about the crazy ideas people have had about sex research and the crazy methods used. A little bit is titillating, a book worth is off-putting.
* “By Schism Rent Asunder”:amazon by David Weber.. Solid nautical adventure. Incomprehensible if you didn’t read first in series.
* “Dauntless”:amazon by Jack Campbell. A space officer revived after 100 years and thrust into a leadership role. He is isolated by the responsibilities thrust onto him and by the differences between his values and those of the current society. The character development of every other character is paper thin, which oddly works to support the feeling of isolation. I’m not sure I’d read more in the series but oddly effective.
* “Do Travel Writers Go To Hell?”:amazon by Thomas Kohnstamm. Well this travel writer is sure going to hell based on the life of debauchery he has led. Interesting insight into the quality of research that goes into travel books.