College Football Week One Picks

My buddy Tim runs a little pickem content and the first week slate is out:

* August 28 North Carolina State vs. South Carolina. I don’t think NC State is there yet
* August 29 Temple vs. Army. ugh. Army i guess
* August 30 Utah vs. Michigan. I think Michigan will have a lot of emotion and will win this
* Syracuse vs. Northwestern. Northwestern. Never take Syracuse
* Virginia Tech vs. East Carolina. VT
* Michigan State vs. California. Hmm, MSU is the favorite darkhorse in the big10 this year. But hard to win on the west coast.
* Hawaii vs. Florida. Florida
* Alabama vs. Clemson. Oh damn, Clemson is a trendy pick, but I have never won picking Clemson
* Missouri at Illinois. Mizzou. Illinois strugges to repeat last year’s breakthru
* Washington vs. Oregon. Hmm, Oregon is confused at QB, UW is not.
* August 31 Kentucky vs. Louisville. Ugh, no respect for these teams. Probably take Louisville
* Sept 1 Fresno State vs. Rutgers. Take Rutgers at home
* Tennessee vs. UCLA. UCLA not ready for primetime yet