The Enzyme Factor, One False Move, and other recent books

* “Plato and a Platypus walk into a bar”:amazon by Cathcart and Klein. Philosophy lite. A diverting bathroom book, no more.
* “The Alchemist”:amazon by Paulo Coelho. A parable about being true to your dreams. Simplistic. And so kind of appealing but kind of ridiculous. A week later, hasn’t stuck with me.
* “Crash Course: Gastrointestinal System”:amazon by Seidel and Long. A western medicine reference to the gastrointestinal system. adequate overview. all trees, no forest tho.
* “The Enzyme Factor”:amazon by Hiromi Shinya. Excellent sensible book on health and diet. Based on his long long experience. Contrast with the prior text, very much a forest view. Some very sensible conclusions about diet and lifestyle. Some of the details may not be fully justified (coffee enemas on a regular basis, really??) but the overall discussion is very useful.
* “One False Move”:amazon by Harlan Coben. Another myron bolitar tale. Snappy as always. Can’t go wrong with one of these on the beach or the plane.
* “Devil May Care”:amazon by Sebastian Faulks. Eh. Pretty rote Bond story with a telegraphed twist. A fine screenplay but pretty tired as a story. Don’t understand the rave reviews this has gotten, there are like thousands of suspense and mystery books that are more interesting