Replacing my DVD player with a PS3

Spent the morning hooking up my birthday present — a PS3. Replacing my DVD player.

One major bummer is the PS3’s use of bluetooth for remote. While I appreciate an RF solution versus an IR solution, as the PS3 boards note, no universal remote will currently work with the PS3. So sigh, I have to keep yet another remote around. Bummer.

Also my AV receiver is a few years old and doesn’t support HDMI and so I have to use RGB + Digital Audio connectors. My AV receiver is in a tight cabinet and so I have to work largely blind plugging cables in, this was painful. HDMI would be nice for reduction of cables.

2 thoughts to “Replacing my DVD player with a PS3”

  1. I also have an AV receiver that does not support HDMI. What I did was bypass the receiver entirely for video on my HDMI sources and instead route them through an HDMI multiplexer (I used a Gefen 6 in x 2 out HDMI multiplexer). Then I adjusted my universal remote to switch to the desired HDMI input at the same time as I switch audio routing on the AV receiver.

    You lose the ability to have an on-screen UI for the AV receiver, but I never use that anyway.

  2. an interesting idea. not all my sources tho are hdmi (my ancient laser disc player!) so i still need an rgb path. and the onscreen interface to my receiver is mandatory for managing digital audio routing (not a benefit at all, but i have to use it to map virtual digital audio connects to physical connects, how regular humans do this i will never know). i think i should probably just move to an HDMI AV receiver like this “pioneer”:

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