Trying to force textile to point to kindle editions

I use textile to create all my book links in the blog. as a reader pointed out, this unfortunately doesn’t link very directly to the kindle edition of books. So experimenting with textile below:

* “The Story of French”:amazon — this is a textile generated link just using the title
* “The Story of French (Kindle)”:amazon — a text with some kindle wordage. oops doesn’t work, when you paren a word it shows up as alternate text and is not sent to amazon as part of the search string
* “The Story of French — Kindle”:amazon — another kindle test. this one takes you to a search results page with Kindle edition first
* “The Story of Frennch, Kindle Edition”:amazon — another kindle test. blows chunks, doesn’t find any edition of the book

ok so i guess pattern 3 is the best. it is too bad that pattern 2 doesn’t work.