Beach Books — Camouflage, The Peshawar Lancers, Darkest Feat

* “Camouflage”:amazon by Joe Haldeman. Eh, not adding to the reputation of the haldeman name. Aliens secretly among us. Kind of silly and pointless and honestly not well thought out — really, there are just 2 aliens on earth, and they’ve both been here for millions of years? Wouldn’t that be enough time for a few others to show up?
* “The Peshawar Lancers”:amazon by S. M. Stirling. Fun alternate history romp — a natural disaster in the 1800s sends the world on a very different path, and the British Raj of that world faces treachery and crisis. Lots of research into Indian culture, interesting speculation.
* “Darkest Fear”:amazon by Harlan Coben. Another solid Myron Bolitar tale — an old flame, a child, a serial killer or two.