Windows Utilities to try out

* TeraCopy — asynch copying with pause, resume, error handling
* Doublekiller — find and kill file dupes. And then RED to kill empty dirs
* Defraggler — individual file defraggler. UPDATE: faulted when I ran it. not going to use a defragger that faults
* Drivermax — backup all your drivers. UPDATE: pretty cool, MSFT should buy this thing.
* Xinorbis hard disk analyzer. Also windirstat. UPDATE: both nice and useful. Man do I have a lot of storage committed to FLAC
* Process Scanner or Taskpower3 to figure out what all those running processes are. UPDATE: process scanner doesn’t really provide any more detail than task manager, and taskpower wants money from me to try.
* Netsharemanager to manage network shares in bulk
* InFormEnter to complete webforms
* HD Tune for checking hard disk health
* Ed Bott’s list of 10 best utilities
* Fix stuck pixels — does this actually work??
* Powercfg to control which devices can wake Windows. Or at least see which ones can

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