Greentech PPA Report

Good summary of this report — Clean Energy Future by Arno Harris: GreenTech’s PPA Report — Key Insight on Leased Buildings:

* In 2009, PPAs will be established as the standard way that American businesses pay for on-site green power, bringing solar to commercial rooftops of mainstream America with yearly additional growth of 30-50%.
* In 2008 the clear majority of new commercial installations will be third-party
managed, with 65-75% of the market.
* In 2007, of the national commercial and institutional solar market, an estimated
50% was developed under PPAs, up from 10% in 2006.
* The PPA segment has not only outstripped conventional commercial PV sales, it has also expanded the market — acquiring new customers that would not have purchased solar hardware.
* PPA companies will continue to drive down costs with innovations across the entire
value chain.