Smart electrical outlets

Recently had some new GFCI outlets installed in my house like these — The Phantom GFCI – Popular Mechanics — the addition of an LED letting me know if the outlet is live is brilliant! And then I saw this prototype — a light switch that responds to smoke alarms. I love the idea of embedding cheap electronics into our electrical system — I’d really love it if somehow my switches and outlets could all report current energy use; that would help me start to change behaviour re conservation.

2 thoughts to “Smart electrical outlets”

  1. check out seans blog:

    and old friend from msft, who’s mission for 2008 is to reduce his carbon footprint by 50%.

    good info on calculating your impact and how to reduce it.

    staggering that most carbon impact comes from his home vs. his cars.

  2. good stuff, thanks. so much wastage in homes, and when you consider the huge energy losses in electrical transmission, saving a watt at home is pretty beneficial. i don’t know how he gets away with an airsource heatpump in seattle. i am looking at groundsource right now.

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