Apple, Starbucks, AT&T, and T-Mobile Suck

OK so I am in the grocery store this AM trying to check college football scores on my iPhone and what do I get? The stupid T-Mobile homepage because there is a Starbucks next door. And to support the iTunes store Apple slams you on to the stupid T-Mobile network, but no other web connectivity is allowed. This sucks. Here in the land of Starbucks, there is a Starbucks T-Mobile Wifi net about every 100 yards, so basically I have to turn off Wifi service continually. Sucks.

Apple — how is this a freaking benefit? You should let all my non-iTunes traffic default to a different wifi provider or edge. Starbucks — this is driving me out of your stores and pissing me off at you even when I am next door! You need to provide free Wifi. AT&T — this is completely screwing with customer perception of the network performance of the device. You need to help Apple get non-iTunes traffic onto your net. T-Mobile — I am never ever going to pay for your stupid service. You had better figure out fast how to shift to a free service business model or you will become completely irrelevant.

One thought to “Apple, Starbucks, AT&T, and T-Mobile Suck”

  1. Totally agree on the pay-to-use T-Mobile wifi model. They would be better of giving free service and injecting ads into every page you visit via their router/proxy.

    Although I will say that I am amazed that everytime I go to a starbucks store in Seattle now I ALWAYS get asked “Would you like to download our iTunes song of the day?”

    It seems like incredible (free?) marketing to have a starbucks person bugging me about iTunes every single day.

    When I reply with “no thanks – i’m a Rhapsody user.” they look at me like i’m speaking Martian.

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