Turning your blackberry into a google phone

Andy wants a google phone — A Sack of Seattle: Google phone.

You can get a long way there today:

* Google mail for your domain — navigate to m.google.com/a and install. This is the app for your own domain mail, there is a gmail equivalent at gmail.com/app
* Google calendar — just go to calendar.google.com, it has a great mobile interface. and a great sms interface too
* Google reader — www.google.com/reader/m
* Maps — navigate to www.google.com/gmm/. another great app.

By the way, once you’ve installed all these, your blackberry will probably run out of memory and start autodeleting mail from your blackberry inbox with no warning. if you go to settings…advanced…applications, you can uninstall a bunch of cruft like all the language support you don’t need, all the crappy bberry apps and carrier apps you never use, etc. Love that MSDOS-style memory management