Recent software/site notes

* Windows Live Writer Beta 2 has shipped ? Bogle’s Blog — Phil likes it. Me, I just can’t wrap my mind around installing a blog editor on the 3 PCs and 1 Mac at home that I use regularly, and the 2 at work, not to mention all the public terminals I use. I want all the features but I want them in a roaming web UI
* Tip for installing itunes on Vista 64-bit — I wonder if this same approach is generalizable to other pieces of software I try to install.
* 3 monitor setup — some good tips here on setup and utilities
* Builtwith. Lets you examine the software installed on a site. Kind of fun
* MT4 final release. Need to bite the bullet.
* Buggy as hell but kind of fun.
* Original historical documents.
* TinyXP. Minimal configs of XP.
* Google Mashup Editor