Recent Books

* “The Night Gardener”:amazon by George Pelecanos. Lots of fancy blurbs, but a weak first half. The characters grew on me, but the setting never came to life. The ending was satisfyingly ambiguous. So an OK read but not my favorite.
* “Silence”:amazon by Thomas Perry. Good pacing and situations, well written, but I didn’t like the characters.
* “A Great Deliverance”:amazon by Elizabeth George. Great atmosphere, a twisted tale of family and love and hate and sin, detectives who are struggling with their own deep issues — an awesome tale. Very good, I am late to the party on this author.
* “The world Without Us”:amazon by Alan Weisman. My one dip into nonfiction. Interesting descriptive essay of our various impacts on the planet and how they will dissipate over time. Not very prescriptive. My own take away is that plastics are the worst thing we are doing to the globe — they are pervasive, long-lived, and there is no good way to scrub them out of the environment.