Recent Summer Reads

Only one keeper here.

* “Legions of space”:amazon by Keith Laumer. Some of that old time science fiction: manly men slashing their way thru space and claiming the universe as their own. Interesting as a nostalgia piece, not sure I’d pick it up otherwise.
* “Simple genius”:amazon by David Baldacci. A really crappy potboiler. My buddy Tim warned me. Sorry I spent the 2 days on it.
* “Counting heads”:amazon by David Marusek. Nano-infused future society tale. Tugged at some interesting character issues but didn’t really dig into them. The ending was a little predictable as the story devolved into a typical adventure tale.
* “Blindsight”:amazon by Peter Watts. Wow! A head spinning first encounter tale with a deep exploration of alienness and sentience. A deeply alien structure is encountered, and humanity sends the most extreme representatives of humanity to grapple with the situation under the theory that it takes an alien to understand one. An ambiguous, atypical, and probably unhappy ending.