Recent books — science

A set of three reads about the nature of the universe and our lives:

* “The Trouble With Physics”:amazon by Lee Smolin. Turned onto this by rich, an interesting walk thru the state of physics and the physics establishment. Comes out pretty strongly damning the conservatism of the current establishment and encouraging more risk taking. Intellectually punishing at times for a non physicist but interesting.
* “Cosmic Jackpot”:amazon by Paul Davies. A very different review of modern physics, Davies dives headlong into the “what does it all mean” issue and fully explores the various views held by scientists. A full embracing of the various anthropic theories that purport to explain why life exists. Not as rigorous as Smolin and more philosophical.
* “I am a Strange Loop”:amazon by Douglas Hofstadter. I loved “GEB”:amazon back in the day but this book just leaves me cold. I can’t get past chapter 5 — I found myself doing the monday NYT crossword instead of reading the book, and that says a lot. The pace is just too slow in the book.