Recent books — fiction

Been working through my modern fiction bookshelf. (I have three shelves of pending reads — “classics”, modern fiction, nonfiction. the modern fiction shelf was getting a little bloated).

* “Case histories”:amazon by Kate Atkinson. Starts out all giggly and cheerful like a bobbsey twins story and then goes horribly wrong as bodies start piling up. Good story, good attempts at characters tho I didn’t really love any of them.
* “Bad luck and trouble”:amazon by Lee Child. The latest reacher story. Another great tale. Finished in less than a day. Reacher is a marvelously ruthless hero — the friend you want, the enemy you dread.
* “The woods”:amazon by Harlan Coben. A solid suspense tale of a prosecutor whose past tragedies in life resurface and tie disastrously together. Coben solid as always.
* “Dress codes”:amazon by Noelle Howey. OK this is nonfiction, but it is a great tale. The story of a young woman growing with a transgendered father who is wrestling with his own issues, what a complicated emotional ride.
* “The shadow of the wind”:amazon by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Zafonmania! I’ve had this on the shelf for a while and for some reason I thought it was a Da vinci code type historical adventure and I just couldn’t bring myself to read it. I was totally wrong. Historical yes, but a story of love and misguided love and friendship and deception and hate and revenge. Just awesome characters. Makes me want to run to Barcelona.
* “The pesthouse”:amazon by Jim Crace. The tale of a far future America that has slid back to a pre technology society, and the journey of several people through it trying to find safety and a future. Engaging and ultimately hopeful, though not without a lot of despair along the way. Characters you care for.
* “Into the blue”:amazon by Robert Goddard. An exceptional suspense tale of a man in his 50s forced to wade through the failures in his life to try to understand the disappearance of a young friend. Great characters. The ending was a bit too tidy for my taste but overall heads and shoulders above most of the suspense books on the shelf.