5 thoughts to “Viewing RAW images on Vista 64bit”

  1. John,

    This article is very misleading. RAW files are just that, files and don’t require drivers so that isn’t the problem. You just need an application that functions on Vista 64-bit that is capable of reading the RAW format written by your camera. I’m a Canon shooter using Vista 64-bit with Photoshop CS2 and CS3 with no problems reading RAW files for my Canon 10D.

    There are two things likely in this gentlemans case. 1) He bought a camera that just came on the market and Adobe has not added that model to their RAW converter, and/or
    2) The Nikon proprietary software for reading RAW files won’t run on Vista 64-bit. (likely).

    Sorry for leaving a response here rather than his blog, but the last thing I need is yet another login somewhere.

  2. yes i understand. the canon and nikon “drivers” that allow raw files to be used in the builtin windows image viewer are the problem code. i did download some other apps that were able to display ok. it is still a pain tho.

  3. The driver API for RAW files (aka WIC) can be used by third parties to add support for image file formats. We have done this for DNG.

    Would you be interested in a Vista x64 NEF component? Your blog doesn’t say which raw format you shoot.

  4. CR2 isn’t that much different from NEF and DNG, so technically it wouldn’t be that difficult.
    Nikon has said quite firmly that they will not be supporting x64. Canon is a leaving themselves a bit more wiggle room by saying that they have not announced support for 64 bit. This isn’t quite as strong, so it’s unclear whether they will release a free codec for x64, which would kill any business plan for a commercial product. If our NEF codec is successful, then CR2 may follow.

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