Recent Software/Services of note

* Amazon S3 storage costs drop “Finally, this illustrates a subtle but important point of using S3. When I buy physical disks at SmugMug, those are sunk costs. They’ll never get cheaper because I’ve already paid for them. At Amazon, though, market forces and changes will cause their pricing model to continue to re-adjust downwards. As disks get cheaper, that $0.15/GB/month fee will drop. And instantly all of your storage magically gets cheaper, no sunk costs to worry about.” — seems like the modern version of the MSFT/Intel bet on Moore’s Law.
* Everybody seems to love this silverlight thing. Will be interesting to take temperature of it again in 3 and 6 months
* Beta of Comic Life — cute but I think I would tire of it.
* Phil keeps on improving Beyond411 — a stud.
* Drag a map around and see where the deals are – this is seriously awesome. Nice work guys! (Ignition is an investor).
* Foxtorrent firefox addon. Haven’t tried yet but seems like a nice idea.
* How to open Vista and Office packages — amazing that the world needs this. I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to open the office box.
* Google spreadsheet now with charts — which pretty much flips me over completely to google docs.