Recent books — mostly airplane reading

* “Sunstroke”:amazon by Jesse Kellerman. Great story of a woman searching in northern Mexico for the truth about her missing boss. Great protagonist. Great supporting cast — I love the stonecutter. Very atmospheric.
* “A Wicked Snow”:amazon by Gregg Olsen. Really choppy. Not a terrible story but uncomfortable to read. Where was the editor? Great cover blurb by lee child but I can’t fully recommend.
* “Mission Flats”:amazon by William Landay. Police mystery set in Boston and Maine. A smalltime Maine chief of police gets involved over his head in a Boston murder conspiracy. Nice twisted ending tho I did anticipate it a little.
* “Without Fail”:amazon by Lee Child. Reacher seems a little more fallible in this tale. Misses obvious clues early and often. And the bad guys show up way too late in the book, bad form for a mystery. So not the best reacher but still entertaining.
* “Blue Light”:amazon by Walter Mosley. Twisty tale of alien consciousness, drugs, psychosis. Hard to tell what really happened and what was imagined. I found myself liking the characters more than I expected.
* “Killing Floot”:amazon by Lee Child. Another slam bang jack reacher tale. Reacher rips the covers off a southern town conspiracy leaving a wake of bodies behind. Don’t screw with reacher. This series continues to be the best airplane books.
* “From Fatigued to Fantastic!”:amazon by Teitelbaum. Good overview of chronic fatigue and potential causes and treatments. Not a cookbook, more of a collection of all the ideas around fatigue.