Vista reliability monitor

Is Vista Reliable? Using Vista’s Reliability Monitor — useful tool. My Reliability Score was at 10 the first day I started up the system and has dropped every day, I am now at 5.02. In my ~4 weeks of running vista on one machine, i’ve had

* 11 Miscellaneous Failures — “Disruptive Shutdown” — whatever that is
* 6 Windows Failures — “OS Stopped Working”
* 4 Application Failures — “Stopped Responding”
* and a whole load of failures that vista hasn’t recorded for some reason. Daily app hangs. a half dozen BSODs. One reboot where Windows told me my BIOS was no longer ACPI compatible (went away on next reboot).

Oh and I still have never been able to get a print driver working for the printer shared by the XP machine in my office. (So how do I print? You’ll find this hilarious. I open up a remote desktop connection to the XP machine and print the file from that machine.) And any number of apps I have tried to install aren’t Vista compatible.