Vista — late beta at best

Windows Vista: I’m Breaking up with You ~ Chris Pirillo says Vista is “late beta, at best”.

I couldn’t agree more. I am using Vista oem pre-installed on two machines now. I’ve already discussed the first, my rating for Vista was “ehh”.

My second has caused me to downgrade the rating to “blech”. Specific issues:

* Blue screen in the firewire driver when copying files over from a firewire drive
* can’t install a printer driver for an hp laserjet which is shared over the network from an xp machine. xp is 32bit, vista is 64. when i try to connect to the printer, i get a vista popup telling me it doesn’t have the right drivers. when i try to install the drivers locally on vista, it asks me what printer i want to connect to, and when i pick it, vista tells me it doesn’t have the right drivers — no shit sherlock.
* oh and once i’ve done this, windows explorer hangs and restarts everytime i look at the printers folder
* installed plasma pong from the best indie games — way cool looking until it hung and vista killed it. even cooler looking the 2nd time until it hung and caused a spontaneous reboot

I wish i had gotten these machines shipped with XP. I am stunned at how crappy Vista is.

UPDATE: great, now OWA doesn’t work right in IE either. the rich editing component won’t load in message forms. no explanation why. I’ve put our OWA site in the trusted sites list. doesn’t help, oh and now i see why — MSFT KB articleyou have to patch your exchange server to support vista clients. Great tradeoff, create another really hard adoption hurdle for Vista users.. I sure hope the vista team is cranking hard on SP1.

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  1. i couldn’t agree more. i have been running it for several months on my main dev machine, it hangs for long periods (seconds) of time every 20 minutes or so. IE7 crashes frequently on vista, but has been rock solid for me on my XP machine. it’s really painful.

    one way to make it more bearable is run as admin and disable UAC:

    it’s not really a security feature anyway 😉

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