Velocity Micro Vista box from

I got a velocity micro box from with Vista preinstalled. Some early impressions:

* did a nice job on availability and shipping. they had what they said they had, it shipped on time and got here fast. no complaints there.
* The machine arrived nearly stillborn. Random reboots every hour. Velocity Micro support was nonexistent — unresponsive to email requests, long hold times. And their website self help options are awful. I suspected a bios issue, they don’t document their motherboard model number in the provided doc and their website doesn’t tell you what they use, and in fact doesn’t even link to nvidia as a supplier. but visual inspection told me what nvidia part it was, and a bios download definitely made things happer. This machine was obviously never burnt in at velocity micro, and their support sucks. Beware.
* Vista — ehh. Random moving around of commands just to make things feel new — finding how to add a printer took me forever (a plug for network magic, it was the easiest way to connect to a printer), finding the log viewer applet is even harder (and when your machine is rebooting every fricking hour you want to look at logs). iTunes doesn’t work right. All that work on search and it doesn’t even index it’s own help files???? You have to separately search help for “add a printer”, if you type this into the prominent search box it doesn’t give you anything useful??? Oh and the security popups are so frequent you basically just learn to OK them all, apparently no one learned any lessons from ActiveX. A net yawn for me. And some anger that iTunes is screwed up, and anger that a not insignificant oem and retail partner could ship a machine with an incompatible BIOS — how can this be happening in 2007???

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  1. Your problem is simple, but it won’t go away. Velocity-Micro simply sucks. They are one of the worst computer makers out there and their customer support only gets worse as time goes on. Perhaps the most irritating is that they just don’t give a damn. You’re just a customer, you don’t matter!

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