Stuff I should have blogged a while ago

* Need a new tiny PC for carrying around — OQO 2.0? One of the small Sonys? I don’t need a desktop replacement, just something small for classroom/cafe use. If it is big, I won’t carry it.
* Need to set up an Amazon store. Maybe for Halloween.
* Microsoft Robotics Software — interesting, tho it requires download of so much crap.
* Mic zooming HD cameras.
* The annoying need for notepad paste. I do this and it’s graphic friend “paintbrush paste” all the freaking time.
* How to get slickrun to activate with Windows-R
* Photostamps. Personalized stamps. Another good halloween or xmas idea
* Aboutus. Intriguing.

One thought to “Stuff I should have blogged a while ago”

  1. I also find it incredibly frustrating that I paste into notebook and paint all the time. It got worse when I switched to firefox (tables don’t go into excel nicely).

    I don’t know how people function without it.

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