Ignition blog roundup

* Andy on JB evolution“We will have a significantly revised site by the end of the first quarter. I’m looking forward to it”
* Phil on privacy implications of new mobile gmail app“Add on the privacy concerns and this is clearly a feature that users should be warned about and given the option to disable”
* Phil on rebate scams“Having been burned, I now avoid most rebates like the plague”
* Dave on the collapse of Search Engine Watch“It is clearer than ever that Danny Sullivan was the driving force behind SEW – allowing him to leave (and start a competitor!) was a huge mistake”
* Jason on Berry411 “the #1 technology that i could not live without in 2006”
* Phil on google’s openness — “Google is increasingly becoming a data black hole”
* Dave on badmouthing competitors“There is actually a study that confirms that listeners assign the speakers the traits that they speak about. So, call someone lazy and they’ll associate you with laziness”

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