Holiday vacation reading

Had time to engage in some fiction over the holidays:

* “Special Topics in Calamity Physics”:amazon by Pessl. Wow. A unique voice (a little grating but unique), good characters, and some plot twistiness. Early on this book felt a little like “Harriet the Spy”:amazon all grown up, but then it twists hard.
* “Tripwire”:amazon by Lee Child. Another fine Reacher tale. Reacher is a little more human in this tale than in some others — seems almost close to settling down. But that would kill the gravy train so I doubt it.
* “Echo Burning”:amazon by Lee Child. Another Reacher, much more atmospheric than others.
* “Killing Rain”:amazon by Barry Eisler. Eh. Saw this mentioned in same breath as Child’s Reacher series. Doesn’t do it for me, no empathy with the main character, he is too malignant.
* “Captain Alatriste”:amazon by Arturo Perez-Reverte. Outstanding period mystery. Set in the glory days of the spanish empire. Great atmosphere, great characters. And judging by the blurbs, others by Perez-Reverte are worth seeking out.
* “March”:amazon by Geraldine Brooks. Fine book on the horrors of war and one man’s struggles with the moral issues of the evils of war in service of a good cause. Excellent reading for our society today — when you go to war, no matter how great your intentions, shit happens.