The educational beatings continue

As I previously mentioned I’ve been taking a graduate course in MEMS design — A Little Ludwig Goes A Long Way: The ass-kicking began this weekend in my re-education process — and the analytics have been the toughest thing to recover after 20+ years out of school.

Midterm yesterday. Analytical problems on comb drives (involves mechanical and capacitive behaviour analysis), on MUMPS structures, etc. I can take some solace in the fact that I had an idea how to approach every problem, I got an answer down, and the youngsters didn’t get done dramatically before me — only 1-2 people out of 50 got done early. I know I blew 1 question at least tho on further thinking.

Fortunately no final in the class, just a team project which I am pretty excited about — good team with a set of experienced people, with expertises spanning mechanical and electrical domains.

Also looking at winter courses — Nanophotonics (EE 539c) or Electronic and Optical Structures of Engineering Materiials (MSE 565). The MSE course is a little more fundamental and probably my first choice.