Great Halloween!

Total successes — our talking tree, the FCG, the Creature Crate. Also our surround sound systems generated a lot of volume, and the sounds i got from Sounddogs were really clean.

Failures — my pneuma-powered popping ghost. My “waterproof” container for the control electronics somehow got an inch of water in it. Ffffft.

Almost failure — the Creature Crate controller also struggled with dampness, continually shorting out. I had to apply a blower and some heatlamps to get it going.

Lesson for next year…all the control electronics that I placed in the garage or in the house worked perfectly. All the electronics outside struggled with dampness one way or another. I either need to

* house all the electronics indoors and just run power or pneuma cables outdoors. works fine for power, that is how i did my thunder & lightning. not going to work great with pneuma…
* make the electronics easily pluggable so i can bring them in at night and take them out in the afternoon. might be the best strategy, but kind of a pain
* invest a lot in weather proofing the outside containers.

Crowds started out slow last night but at about 7pm traffic exploded. Last visitor at 945 and then we shut down.

Massive cleanup ahead…