Surround Sound Status continued

Continuing to plug away on my halloween surround sound setup — A Little Ludwig Goes A Long Way: Halloween Surround Sound Status One awesomely great feature of the turtlebeach audioadvantage roadie is the headphone jack. You can use it simultaneously with the spdif out — so many sound cards turn off the speaker out when a headphone is detected. here you can use both. the documented use is to attach another pair of speakers to create a 7.1 setup. But for halloween you can use this extra output to drive your lightning controller such as the i-zombie.

So my sound is working great. my lighting controllers are all firing. now i am playing around with lights — halogen worklights, par lights, some low voltage stuff — to create the best effect.

Oh and i am working on my other surround sound config which won’t be lightning, but will be ambient graveyard sounds.