An "alienware sucks" roundup

UPDATE 11/6/06: I’ll leave the original entry below for history but Alienware finally worked this out with me. I received a full refund. So at the end of the day they were reasonable. I have to credit Amex with assistance, I am sure that raising a dispute via them helped to resolve things. Original entry follows.


Why? Because I ordered an Alienware box in July, it arrived broken in August, and it is now October and I have yet to see the fixed box returned to me. I have moved on to trying to get my money back. I have contacted support via phone and email so many times I’ve lost count, and all I get is handwaving.

* Alienware Sucks! — the classic with a complete guide to providing pressure on recalcitrant merchants. Even merits a small WIkipedia mention
* Another guy who managed to get a refund
* some guy has created a t-shirt immortalizing the sentiment
* another set of gripes
* plenty of forum posts about unhappy alienware users — for instance, or here
* Reseller ratings which shows a lot of dissatisfaction, and dropping overall scores

Personally I am contacting American Express in an attempt to get my money back, I am sending mail to Alienware daily. I’ve given up on phone support as you will a) spend a lot of time on hold, b) have to reeducate someone new each day (Groundhog Day), and c) learn that they don’t know what is going on and can’t find anyone to help you.

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  1. I purchased an Alienware area 51-M 766 Laptop on 05/12/2004 and I paid three thousand dollars for it. It was advertised as a laptop with an upgradeable video card and it was considered to be the top of the line gaming notebook and had with some fantastic reviews winning numerous awards and gained a great deal of recognition from industry professionals and technology experts. The laptop should last many years and the main idea is the video card could be changed or upgraded. I thought I bought the best notebook on the market, but I was sadly mistaken. After a year and half, I called Alienware so I could purchase a new upgraded video card, and I was told that Alienware stop supporting my laptop and my video card. I was also told that I have to purchase a video card from a third party called “Uniwill” if I wanted an upgrade. So I called the third party company but no one picked up the phone and I left several messages and they never called me back. I was very surprised that I was unable to get an upgradeable video card. I was also very disappointed to find that so soon I was unable to get what was so strongly advertised and promised. If this isn’t false advertising and false promises made to customers then I don’t know what else is but afterwards I gave up calling and continue to use the notebook. I never thought I would have trouble with it but on November 23, 2007 the video card completely burned out. I contacted Alienware shortly afterwards to ask them if I could purchase any type of video card that would simple just work (forget about gaming or upgrading) so I could at least use the notebook. Unfortunately Alienware stop supporting and making any type of video card for my laptop, and I was told to call “Uniwill” once again to purchase a video card and once again I called, left messages and I never received a return call. I wonder if Uniwill is a prefabricated company created and owned by Alienware to prevent lawsuits. I also researched the Internet; eBay and tried to see if someone out there had anything I could possibly use, but all I found was a very long line of Blogs, many hate websites with a massive amount of posted threads of complaints of many unsatisfied and unhappy Alienware customers who where ripped off and lied to by a company filled with false advertisements, promises, and deceit. I purchased a three thousand dollar Alienware paperweight, and now I’ve joined a long line of unsatisfied customers. Alienware a criminal company (Dell would never screw their customers like Alienware).

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