Recent Reads

Last book posting for a little while…I am heads down on a lot of other things and probably won’t get a lot of books read for a while.

* “Three Days To Never”:amazon by Tim Powers. If you’ve never read Powers before, this is a good place to start. Good characters, the typical Powers scenario of magic and evil just under the surface of our rational world. If you have read Powers before, I’m not sure this will add anything to your life.
* “Gone for Good”:amazon by Harlan Coben. A decent twisty coben mystery. Won’t stick to your ribs but a good beach/airplane book.
* “The Enemy”:amazon by Lee Child. Another great reacher story. Earlier in his career. I think I like the later career stories better.
* “The Man Who Stayed Behind”:amazon by Rittenberg. Very engaging memoir by someone who lived thru some of the most dramatic events of the 20th century. You can really feel the revolutionary fervor of mao’s china. On reflection it seems amazing how well the america revolution ended up — the quick settling into a durable democratic structure is quite a different than what china went thru or what france went thru.
* “Frameshift”:amazon by Robert Sawyer. been on the shelf forever. a decent medical mystery with better-than-average characters who you can really care about.

On other book fronts:

* Brad Feld’s vacation book list. Probably some gems in here
* This Collecterz thingy might be worth trying. I couldn’t get their site to accept any credit cards tho, all my banks rejected the charges. Oh well.