Charlie Weis Ego Bloat

J pointed out to me there is a book about “Charlie Weis and Notre Dame’s Rise to Glory” which seems a little odd, since you generally need to both achieve glory and rise to have a “Rise to Glory”. I decided to do a little amazon sleuthing to compare Charlie with some other coaches who just maybe have a greater claim to a “rise to glory” given that they have won national championships — Tressel, Carr, Stoops, Carrol, Paterno. I’m looking for books with the coach’s name in the title, or where he gets an authoring credit of some form:

* charlie weis. Sure enough, we have “The New Gold Standard: Charlie Weis and Notre Dame’s Rise to Glory”:amazon written by some 3rd party. And we have “Echoes of Notre Dame Football: The Greatest Stories Ever Told (Echoes of)”:amazon with a foreword by the Super Genius himself. But most damningly, we have “No Excuses: One Man’s Incredible Rise Through the NFL to Head Coach of Notre Dame”:amazon coauthored by “one of football’s greatest minds who has helped shape today’s game” — if you think today’s game is all about pillow soft defenses I guess.
* Jim Tressel — just one book — “What It Means to Be a Buckeye: Jim Tressel and Ohio State’s Greatest Players”:amazon. Jim writes a foreword here, the book is not about him though. Kind of akin to the 2nd book in the Weis listings, the least self-aggrandizing title.
* LLoyd Carr. Nada. Apparently people in Michigan can’t write. Or read.
* Bob Stoops. Two titles, the obligatory “What It Means To Be A Sooner: Barry Switzer, Bob Stoops And Oklahoma’s Greatest Players (What It Means)”:amazon and “Heir to the Sooner Legacy: The Championship Story of Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops”:amazon written by some 3rd party. Apparently people in Oklahoma are doubly infinitely more literate than people in Michigan.
* Pete Carroll. No “what it means to be a trojan” title, just a 3rd party championship season “Conquest: Pete Carroll And The Trojans’ Climb To The Top Of The College Football Mountain”:amazon title.
* Joe Paterno. You don’t coach longer than Stoops and Tressel have been alive without getting a truckload of books written about you. Deservedly so. Some authored by him, most not. If I were to buy one, it would be Quotable Joe

So I’d have to say — Paterno is the clear accomplishment winner — great accomplishments, long career, many books. Stoops, Tressel, Carroll all seem to be right in line with their accomplishments. Carr needs a better PR firm. And Weis wins the pompous bombast title — maybe he should be coaching defense instead of writing a fricking book.