Personal document management

Our new copier in the office has this killer scanner. Great sheet feeder, and willl email yoru scanned docs as a pdf to you.

Given that I have scads of storage available now, it has made me realize it is now time to start scanning and saving all important documents. I always have trouble finding various personal legal documents. Well no more.

A question I have tho is how to manage all this content. I am going to end up with a lot of imaged documents. I wonder if all the free photo management apps like Picasa can handle pdfs? i’d love to have all the photo management features — tagging, timeline view, etc.

5 thoughts to “Personal document management”

  1. funny, i have a neatreceipts machine sitting on my desk, i’ve never opened. there is no way it can compete with the sheet-feeding monster copier we have at the office on the hardware side, but maybe i can use the ocr software in it separately?

  2. it is a ricoh provided by ikon business systems. i can’t find the freaking model number, i think they hide it and the brand on purpose so that our attachment is with ikon, not with the ricoh X37SuperJJ+ Model

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