Alienware experience

As i previously mentioned, my widowpc gaming computer has been acting up — it has always had thermal issues, and their support has been weak. I finally ripped open the box and figured out exactly how the liquid cooling system worked, forced some bubbles out of the system and probably broke up some vapor lock in the pump. WidowPC shipped no doc with the system and their support staff doesn’t really know what it is in my box, so I can’t recommend them highly.

I was hoping Alienware: High-Performance Systems – Notebooks, Desktop PCs, Workstations, Peripherals would be better, given their Dell ownership and longer tenure in the market. My new alienware arrived yesterday and ominously, the shipping box had a big gash in it — the shipping materials were very flimsy. The front of the case was marred in several spots and when I turned the unit on, it sounded like an Oster Blender. Not Good.

I took a bunch of pictures of the shipping box and the PC and emailed them to Alienware last night. Response email this morning directed me to call in. So call I did. I had to walk three different people (none of them native English speakers) through problem and all the pictures. The last guy wanted me to open the case and figure out exactly what component was grinding itself into bits. This was 45 minutes into the call, I refused. I paid top dollar for a machine that was broken out of the box, and I paid for 3 years of onsite support — I didn’t realize I was the onsite support. He backed down and agreed to take the machine back, it took more than an hour to finally get receive an RMA and Fedex label — nearly two hours total. Everyone was nice but this is crazy, way too much time. So I can’t say I am thrilled with Alienware so far.

I bounce back and forth between building my own machines/providing my own frontline support, and buying retail and demanding retail support. My time is constrained right now and so I fired myself as an assembly/support person and have gone back to retail. But this is no fun.