Recent mystery and suspense books

I’ve been on a modern mystery/suspense jag:

* “Ten Second Staircase”:amazon by Christopher Fowler. Very inventive and engaging mystery. 3rd in a series featuring a pair of superannuated london detctives working on bizarre crimes. A lot of fun, I’d pick up more in the series. Though good luck finding anything by Fowler in any of the big chains, they just don’t carry much by him. Pity.
* “13 Steps Down”:amazon by Ruth Rendell. Twisted little tale of obsession and murder. Nicely crafted tho hard to really connect with the book as the main characters are not very sympathetic. Still, much better fare than most mysteries.
* “The Hard Way”:amazon by Lee Child. Another great romp featuring jack reacher. These books feel like graphic novels written as prose — reacher is a classic modern day anti-hero — emotionally scarred, seemingly indestructible. A lot of fun.
* “The Janissary Tree”:amazon by Jason Goodwin. My favorite of the bunch. I’ve never had a hankering to visit Istanbul, but after reading this period mystery I am ready to go, and I am ready to read goodwin’s historical work on the ottoman empire. A great setting, great main character, good supporting cast. Definitely recommended.