Recent Books

* “Manifold: Origin”:amazon by Stephen Baxter. Read this to complete a trilogy by the author, speculating on the future of our race. Some great ideas but some massively dull narrative, and characters I just didn’t care about. Yawn. After this I needed to raise my sights a little.
* “The Bridge of San Luis Rey”:amazon by Thornton Wilder. Wonderful book. Makes you want to run to Peru. The bittersweetness of a colonial capital really comes thru — the center of local society, but longs to be respected by the mother society half a world away. The characters and outcomes are oh so human.
* “The Stranger”:amazon by Camus. Certainly a strong story. A strong lesson about failure to commit to and connect with the world. A little harder to connect with than San Luis Rey — it is much harder to put yourself in the lead character’s shoes.

And I didn’t read it yet but was motivated by this review to order Sahara Overland — sounds fascinating.

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  1. Check out Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge — just out in the last month or so. Think Snow Crash, but written with the benefit of the last decade of developments, and so a much clearer picture of virtual worlds 20 years from now.

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