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A VC: Productivity Apps In The Cloud — “Except all of Microsoft’s editors, including the flagship editor Word, lack the simple functionality of being able to edit and save directly on the web. And as I sit here dreaming about being able to use Google Spreadsheet, that is the one function I want.”

Me too. I use half a dozen machines regularly, i use kiosk machines, I want all my docs everywhere. And I don’t need all the features of high-end office apps. Writely is fine for me, I am sure an online spreadsheet will be good enough too. And I am so tired of installing software on machines.

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  1. All of MS Office products support WebDAV. Is this not what you want? Simply put your docs on an (if you are smart) https web server that supports WebDAV, such as IIS or Apache. I do, it does. Anywhere. The explorer shell even supports it…just like a UNC path. Drag and drop.

  2. no not at all. first of all, call me stupid, but i could never get the webdav server to work on iis. two, i don’t want to install exes on the 6 pcs at home that i use at various times or the 3 at work. it is not that i object to paying for software (tho i do find that paying for 9 machine licenses of office is ridiculous), but i just don’t need the hastle of installing software everywhere.

  3. INSTALL CLIENT software! Ack, what a mess. I have it now. I missed it. (WebDAV on IIS: It is much easier to do now…typical v1.0 was cryptic as hell. Permission are still a mess tho.)

  4. yeah it was the permissions that broke my back last time. after a couple hours futzing around i just gave up. i considered just installing apache.

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