Household Payroll Services

We’re adding a household employee and I need to find a service/software to manage payroll — cut checks, handle all the tax filings, year end 1040s, etc etc etc. At first glance here is what I am finding:

  • Paycycle gets a good review in PCMag and is paying to be at the top of google listings
  • Surepayroll gets a decent review as well but seems to cost a lot more.
  • ADP has a small business offer but I suspect overkill. Ditto Peachtree
  • Buyerzone seems to have a lead gen system that will generate quite a few quotes from outsourcing services. Hesitate to try, I don’t want a blizzard of annoying email. And there is supplier-match, they are an affiliate of buyerzone, so I guess I pay two fees effectively to get a referal? crazy.
  • I am sure the quickbooks solution is adequate but I don’t really want to install software.
  • I am not sure how 10dollarpayroll differs from paycycle but anyone who uses the blink tag (or the moral equivalent) in 2006 is off my list.
  • Payrollpayroll — I guess they really really know know their their payroll payroll stuff stuff.

I am sure my accountant can recommend some local service providers too. Has anyone used paycycle?

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  1. I actually work for Paychex, which is a national provider for very small companies and household employees. We are one of the services on Buyerzone. You do not pay a fee to Buyerzone. I personally deal with nanny payrolls all the time and we do a good job. However, I recommend you speak with someone local with Paychex or someone your accountant knows. Nanny payroll is different than normal payroll and varies by state. If you are talking to a rep new to the industry, or not familiar with household payrolls…you WILL have service issues. I have converted ADP, Paycycle, Surepayroll, and Quickbooks clients…so I cannot recommend those services. Good luck. Bryan in Chicago

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