Car shopping

Looking at some cars to add to the household — the sweet spot is the $32K sedan.

The Volvo S60, Subaru Legacy, and vw passat all seem like great choices. Good interior styling, good safety, good handling and performance. And all seem like good values, you get a lot for your dollar.

We wanted to like the Toyota Avalon but the handling just wasn’t there — this thing wallows thru the turns. Styling and features are decent but not handling. We wanted to like the Chrysler 300 also and it handles nicely, has a great powertrain, and looks good on the outside, but the interior styling and fit-and-finish are 10 years behind.

And the Cadillac CTS — what an embarrassment. A salesperson who hasn’t heard yet that Cadillac no longer is the pacesetter; overpriced, and underfeatured. I would feel stupid buying this car.