Books this week

* “No Second Chance”:amazon by Harlan Coben. Another great whirlwind mystery by coben. Man no one writes an airline reading book like this guy.
* “Guerilla Warfare”:amazon by Che Guevara. Interesting as a historical read, insight into the thinking of a very influential figure in the americas. Uplifting in many ways, a strong advocate for the people, and very anti-terrorism — contrast with the revolutionaries in the news these days. I faced a dilemma when I finished this book — i travel with light paperbacks and usually leave them sitting in the airport or hotel, hoping that they will find their way into the hands of another reader rather than collecting dust on my shelves. But dropping a book named “Guerilla Warfare” in an airport, a book which includes pictures on how to modify a rifle to launch Molotov cocktails — well I figured it would freak someone out and have some probability of causing some crazy law enforcement scramble. So I threw it in the trash sadly.
* “Manhunt”:amazon by James L Swanson. Great accounting of Booth’s actions and escape. If he hadn’t broken his leg jumping to the stage, he’d have escaped and wouldn’t that have been dramatic.