Best College Stadiums

I get a lot of visitors looking for info on the best college stadiums. Well here are some pointers to web resources:

* College Stadiums Football Photos 8×10 — nice aerial and in-stadium photos for a lot of the top stadiums. Great gift for fans.
* NCAA attendance stats for 2005 — a loud full stadium is a good stadium
* Saturday Shrines on Amazon.
* Fanblogs points to Dennis Dodd’s 2003 rankings which I think are crap. Fanblogs also points to the Rivals 05 rankings which I like better.
* Sporting News/MSNBC rankings here which I also wonder about.
* Football Digest rankings — I can get behind these!

My view is — any full loud stadium on a Saturday afternoon or evening is a great place to be. I haven’t been to that many, but my views on a few:

* Ohio Stadium — great crowd, great band, great pageantry, great architecture. A+. What did you think I’d say?
* Michigan Stadium — great crowd, but kind of characterless architecture. B+
* ASU in Tempe. What a great setting. Too bad the team isn’t consistently better. B+
* UW. Another great setting, but a team that is a snoozer. Still where else can you moor your boat for a tailgate picnic? B
* Rose Bowl. Great potential but too many empty seats — not being on campus hurts. B-
* Pitt Stadium. Great location, right in the thick of things. Great crowds, inconsistent team. B