Recent Software of Note

  • The Elder Scrolls Oblivion. What a massive game world. You could get lost in this thing for years.
  • Secondlife. kind of yawn. the graphics aren’t as good as online games and the action isn’t as fun. but obviously a lot of people like it. the customizability and persistence features are cool. just shows again that you can’t go wrong giving people ways to form communities and to express themselves.
  • Newsgator inbox. I depend upon newsgator. But it seems I have to pay for it yet again if I want the latest outlook integration. not clear to me it is worth it. UPDATE: no you don’t have to pay again, the newsgator team pointed me towards the right download. thanks guys.
  • Direct2Drive. Tried this for one game download, worked great. Nice to not have to shuffle cd/dvds to play a game. A little nervous about what kind of drm hackery it might be installing on my system.