Recent Books

  • “Mr Midshipman Hornblower”:amazon by C. S. Forester. What a great yarn. And the first of a series of ten or so books. If you’ve exhausted all the current popular serial fantasy (Potter, Tolkein, Narnia, etc) and you need to branch out, this would be a fine series to read. Great for young male readers. Not so good maybe for young women — as a product of its times and its genre, there are few female characters of note.
  • “I, Claudius”:amazon by Robert Graves. History comes alive! Impressive work of story telling and of scholarship. Makes roman history fascinating.
  • “Holmes on the Range”:amazon by Steve Hockensmith. The “deducifyin'” of Holmes, as practiced by a cowhand in the historical american west. The author creates a very interesting set of brothers and does a nice job keeping in voice throughout the story.