Software Roundup 3/09

Been a while since I had time to play with any software.

* Beyond Compare 2.4 out. What I’ve been using to keep machines in sync…
* …but I hear good things about syncback as well
* Hamachi — a lightweight VPN solution. Rich pointed me at this. I am a little nervous about putting a VPN server on the home network.
* Wikicalc latest version. Now that Google has purchased writely i guess we will see a feeding frenzy around online spreadsheets and presentation packages.
* Pocketmod. Low tech but decidedly useful.
* Rich on backing up game cds. It is a lot of bother.
* Siteadvisor plugin. Nice.
* Why Reboot? A handy little doohickey for the curious. Another handy little thingee — Brutus — easy shutdown and restart.
* Phil on structured blogging plugin. I think edgeio is going to be easy for me to adopt.
* Rich on video screensavers. Tried one and got hung up on not having the right codecs, grrr. Nice idea tho.
* Hyperwords plugin. Not sure it is that helpful.