Latest Books

* “Cities in the Wilderness : A New Vision of Land Use in America”:amazon by former interior secretary Bruce Babbitt. I alternate between hate and love for this book. Love the goals of better protecting and restoring our natural landscapes. Bruce is clearly smart and experienced. Hate the general bias towards big expensive governmental mechanisms. Love his willingness to repurpose existing agricultural entitlements to achieve his goals — seems pragmatic and efficient. Again tho hate the general bias towards massive government. I’d argue that the best government is a a very light, deft touch, with great leverage of the marketplace — for instance the Federal Reserve and its management of the economy. Sure wish smart policy thinkers would come up with an analog for managing our natural resources. Whatever, an interesting read by a smart guy.
* “Tell No One”:amazon byt Harlan Coben. My second by Harlan, what a great twisty thriller. This guy can engage you. Stud.
* “The Turn Of The Screw”:amazon by Henry James. Did I review this before? Good little horror tale. Never quite clear who is seeing what, what is real, what is imagined. Fairly stilted language but still does the job.
* “Martian Time-Slip”:amazon by Philip K. Dick. Doesn’t age well. You are going to be more intrigued reading Bradbury (ages well) or reading more current authors.
* “Cell”:amazon by Stephen King. Not up to the best of his “classic” period (It, Pet sematary,…). But a good modern scare.
* “Life with Jeeves”:amazon by P. G. Wodehouse. Delightful. Plots for a dozen light romances in here. A joining of 3 books — a little long. But in small doses, marvelous. This would be a great book to leave sitting in a cabin — great for idle reading.