Re-ripping everything lossless

After expunging the Netgear SC101 disaster from my network, I found that I had lost about 10% of my ripped CDs — notably all my Led Zep.

So time to rerip. After reviewing all of Rich’s goodness on codecs, I decided it was time to go lossless. On my new WidowPC rig, I installed:

* dbpoweramp for ripping
* the flac codec for lossless support
* accuraterip to help insure correct ripping

So starting the process now. Will take months to complete as a background task. Glad I still have all the cds around. I rip to flac for longterm storage, and then convert to mp3 so that the ipod and other devices can deal with. Really not much more painful than ripping straight to mp3 — dbpoweramp does a pretty good job at batch conversion.

3 thoughts to “Re-ripping everything lossless”

  1. If you have hundreds of CDs to rip (which I presume you do), have you thought of an external CD-feeder device?

    I’ve put an immense amount of effort into my iTunes-based, AAC-encoded music collection. Part of this was reripping when I had gotten about halfway through my CDs and decided the evidence was good for switching from 160 kbit/s to 192 kbit/s. Another part of the effort has been in simply getting all the album and song titles right — inconsistent capitalization and poor spelling on CDDB drive me crazy.

    Given all that effort, I worry about the longevity of my library. Is 192 kbit/s AAC-encoded material going to seem reasonable to me in five years’ time? Am I going to have to re-encode everything… and then re-reencode it?

    This has been especially on my mind since acquiring my iPod video. I’ve done a fair bit of work with handbrake to convert some DVDs (French lessons, Futurama episodes, music videos) to an iPod-friendly format — but how long before I’ll have to re-encode them as well?

  2. i wonder how well dbpoweramp or exactaudiocopy deal with external cd-feeders? it would be great to just feed in a stack and go away. it isn’t that painful to do one at a time, i just do it as a background task now when i am at the pc. but it is going to take me months.

    you probably will have to rerip and reencode everything…i’d recommend going to a lossless format now. it is easy to batch convert all my flac to mp3…tho there are issues in replacing all the mp3s in your library under itunes

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