Netgear SC101 Problems

Having problems getting this net-attached storage device to work. Fully documenting my case here so the Netgear support folks can see it.

* Config: Netgear SC101, serial # 16W3594U00994. Hosting two Seagate Barracuda 7200 400 GB ST3400832A drives which are on the supported drive list. Running the latest firmware, 4.14.0
* Client PCs: I’ve installed the admin utility on 3 different WinXP Pro with all latest patches. Running the latest version of the SCM utility — 1.5.5
* Running DHCP on my LAN.
* When running the SCM utility, I can see the two hard disks. Separate IPs — and I can see that each disk has 372.6G available.
* In either wizard or advanced mode, I can select a disk and try to create a drive. I have tried a variety of drive sizes from 120G up to 372.6G. In all cases I am trying to create a shared, no password, non-mirrored drive.
* when I try to create the drive, the utlity tells me it is allocating space, and stays in this state forever. “forever” is at least 12 hours because I let it run overnight and it never completed.
* the utility does appear to create a partition with my desired name. but the partition is not recognizable as a mountable drive by the SCM utility, and is marked as non-shared.

Let me know if more detail needed.

UPDATE: working. I connected the SC101 up with my existing LAN cable which was a patch cable. The old PC in its place knew how to deal with this. The SC101 apparently didn’t. When I switched cables, all was well.

2 thoughts to “Netgear SC101 Problems”

  1. Hi, I have exactly the same problem, but changing the cable did not help: I am using a netgear wireless router, the sc101 is attached via LAN-cable
    any idea?
    best regards Joe

  2. See my other posts about the SC101. it is a piece of crap. i removed it from my network and burned it. if you can get your money back, i would.

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