Home Network Storage

Boy I am not convinced that the Netgear SC101 net storage box is the way to go — i got past my install problems but the behaviour of the system is really funky. Windows just doesn’t expect drives to have the file system locally and block storage remotely. Strange things I have seen — Windows thinks these are removable drives and tries to autoplay them; iTunes thinks it doesn’t have write access to the files; the Add or Remove programs cpl doesn’t work anymore, never enumerating programs. I’d approach this one with caution.

Martin went with a LaCie box — 2TB sounds great. I used to have a NAS box but was unhappy with the bugs in the old version of Samba it was shipping with — Martin’s box has Windows in it.

And then there is this Buffalo box.

I’m using the Netgear box as my “master” store right now, but then using beyond compare to copy much of the data around to all the pcs. And using foldershare to dupe critical stuff (photos) to a machine at work.